Research Funding

Lodge, J., Searston, R., Fidler, F., Bailey, J., Little, D. & Nolan, D. (2018). Combating fake news and misinformation online: Evaluating and updating conceptual understanding in the networked society Melbourne Networked Society Institute (MSNI) grant, total funding = $40,000.

Burgman, M., Fidler, F., van Gelder, T. di Rosario, R. (2017-2021) The Swarm project. IARPA CREATE (Crowd-sourced Reasoning, Evidence, Argumentation, Thinking and Evaluation), US Office of National Intelligence, total funding=$US19M.

Fidler, F. Camillier, K. (2016). University of Melbourne Engagement Grant. Myth-busting scientists’ philosophical objections to engaging in public debate. $9,000.

Fidler, F. (2015-2020) ARC Future Fellowship [ARC FT150100297]. Reproducibility and Open Science in Environmental Research. $780,000.

Bekessy, S., Fuller, R., Hochuli, D., Fidler, F., Maller, C., Gordon, A., Garrard, G., Ives, C., Mata, L., Dyer, A. (2016-2019). ARC Linkage grant. [LP160100324] Designing green spaces for biodiversity and human well-being. $321,000.

Fidler, F. (2014-2015). University of Melbourne Research Fellowship for Career Interruptions. Ethics, Evidence and Behaviour Change in Scientific Practice. $75, 000.

Chee, Y., Fidler, F., Rumpff, E., Nicholson, A., Parbery, P. & Burgman, M. (2011-2013) University of Melbourne Interdisciplinary Seed Funding. Understanding uptake: How Trust, Cognition and Transparency Influence the Adoption of New Models in Natural Resource Management Decision Making, $41, 000.

Cumming, G. & Fidler, F. (2007-2010). ARC Discovery & Australian Post-Doctoral Fellowship. [ARC DP0770535] Evidence Based Improvement of Statistical Inference Practices in Psychology and Other Disciplines. $355,852.

Fidler, F. (2009) La Trobe Excellence in Research Award, Dean’s Award for Early Career Research in the Faculty of Science, Technology and Engineering. $5,000.

Thomason, N., Barnard, K., Carey, J. & Fidler, F. (2008). Australian Centre of Excellence for Risk Analysis Research Grant. [ACERA 0805]. Plain English for Environmental Risk Communication. $60,000.

Burgman, M., Walshe, T. & Fidler, F.  (2006-2009) Australian Centre of Excellence for Risk Analysis Research Grant. 2006- 2009. [ACERA 0611] Eliciting Expert Opinion for Environmental Decisions.  $516,500.

Cumming, G. & Fidler, F. (2006). La Trobe University Near-Miss Grant. [based on ARC DP0664444] Improving Statistical Inference Practices in Psychology and Other Disciplines’. $26,281.